Curtis Media

Marketing Program

We want to work with you to grow your client base and spread awareness for your company, all while supporting a worthwhile cause. Through the use of newspaper inserts in your area, we can advertise for you and help to end local and statewide human trafficking.

All The Awesome Benefits

Here are all of the things you get when you take part in our marketing program!

Insert Advertorial

We will customize your choice of two 1/2 page or one full page advertorial. This will be sent out annually in a high-bright insert with a circulation of 6-8 thousand people in your catchment area.

Digital Connection

Through the use of QR codes and links, your advertorial can be directly connected to your website or social media. This creates client awareness, fills work-plans, and grows your online client base.

Website Content

To better serve your needs we can create a personalized web page that connects to your website and goes along with your advertorial. Additionally, if your organization website needs updates, by working with our program, we can execute a matching or better quality for 30% less cost.

Human Trafficking Prevention

Human trafficking is increasing at an alarming rate, and we want to do our part to raise awareness and help put a stop to it. Each insert that goes out will feature a 1/2 to full page advertorial on human trafficking. This page could feature anything from local organizations to tips on how to spot trafficking victims and what steps to take.

Nonprofit Benefits and Google Ads

Having worked with a number of nonprofits, we know how to work to best suit your needs. This allows for an even more customized experience and for us to best reach your goals. Nonprofits are also eligible for our special Google Ads program, which allows relevant organizations to earn thousands of dollars worth of Google Ads value.

Modern Technology Integrations

Curtis Media is working on a number of solutions for customized apps that both shine a light on human trafficking and raise money for relevant organizations. Through the use of this program, your organization will be at the front of this process and can gain benefits in whatever way best fits your required outcomes.

What Will The Cost Be?

You will get everything for $140/month, which is only $1680 per year. Once everything is calculated and in-kind contributions are taken into account, you have helped eliminate human trafficking for practically nothing out of pocket. If you take advantage of other online benefits, such as Google Ads, which we will guide you through, then savings is well beyond break even. Other donations will cover costs and discounts area available. To contact us, please look below.

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