Curtis Media

Born of Necessity

When we started our company in rural North Florida we did so to provide a much needed service: Affordable, customizable media for small town nonprofits and organizations. By working with small organizations we mastered the ability to work directly with client needs. As we have expanded to all throughout the Gulf Coast and Panhandle areas, that goal has stayed the same. We want to provide the most customized service possible, merging that small town hospitality with professional grade products.

Some of our awesome partners!

Healthy Start JMT
Students Working Against Tobacco
FLorida Kidcare
United States Census Bureau

Website Design

We work with partners to create customized and updated websites that meet their needs. Whether it be a static, single-page website, or a multi-page website with a complex backend, we can make it. Having worked with a wide variety of organizations, we can can meet any needs that come our way, and do so in a manner that is best for your target audiece.

Print Media

We have made a large number of brochures, newsletters, inserts, and all things in between. We differentiate ourselves in this space through our use of integrated technology, connecting our print media to digital content. Because of this, we are able to encourage audience interaction with your product and services. Whether small or large run print, we can offer a competitive price.

Video Production

Curtis Media makes it a point to stay at the forefront of technology, and video is no exception. Through our use of interviews, on-site footage, drone use, and voice-overs, we can create a video to meet your exact goals. Do you want to let your clients know about a new service? We have you covered. Create video training for your employees? We are right here.

Social Media

Social media already plays a massive role in modern advertising, and that role will continue to grow. That is why we have trained on how to best run a social media campaign and reach the largest possible audience. We can help you grow your social reach, gain audience interaction, and spread awareness of your brand.


Need to run a successful crowdfunding campaign? We have your covered there are well! Curtis Media will work with you to discover the best course of action for funding your product. We will help you set goals, determine channels for spreading awareness, and gain early traction. Small, large, or anything in between, we can help you get funded.

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